Howard Schultz would Quit his Presidential Bid if it Helps Trump

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Sarah Ashmore 02/13/2019

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he would drop a 2020 presidential bid if his candidacy would help President Donald Trump win reelection. Schultz says he will not run for president if the “math doesn’t tally up” in his favor over the next few months.

Democrats fear that a third party candidacy by Schultz could siphon off votes from the Democratic candidate and insure a victory for Trump. Schultz would not run if this theory proves true.

“I will not run for president, because I will not do anything, whatsoever, to re-elect Donald Trump; no one wants to see him fired more than me,” Schultz added. He says he cannot be sure if this would remain his mindset closer to the 2020 election because he is not there yet.

His critical views of both major political parties and his belief that the two-party system is broken made him consider a run for president. Schultz failed to present any platform proposals or specific ideas for fixing things in Washington, but he maintains he has the right skills to help reestablish trust in government.

“It’s a lot less about me than giving the American people a voice that they don’t have,” Schultz said. His potential run without a major political party affiliation would give people a totally different choice, Schultz added.