By Alex Haskell 02/14/2019

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Democrats and Republicans have reached an agreement in principle over border security to keep the U.S. government funded and avoid another partial shutdown, according to Congressional negotiators.

President Trump signed legislation last month temporarily reopening parts of the government for three weeks to allow for border security funding negotiations.

Negotiators declined to comment on the specifics of the deal Monday night, but Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby said: “We got an agreement on all of it,” when asked if it included barrier funding and resolved detention bed issues.

Details have yet to be publicly released on the agreement.

However, CNN reports a Democratic source says the deal includes $1.275 billion for physical barriers.

This is a drastically low number in comparison to the $5.7 billion President Donald Trump had been requesting for a wall on the border with Mexico.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers has been negotiating for weeks over border security. The talks broke down over the weekend, but four members of the negotiating group kept meeting Monday to try and reach an agreement.

At the end of the week, 25 percent of the federal government’s funding runs out.

The looming deadline comes shortly after the longest shutdown in US government history, which began in December and ended in January.


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