“School of Rock” Did in Fact Rock

By Elizabeth Perkin 02/14/2019

WEBN-TV Photo By Elizabeth Perkin

This musical has an energy unlike any other. “The School of Rock” cast flaunts their passion and charisma throughout the show.

Merritt David Janes gave an outstanding performance as Dewey Finn where he seemed to never miss a beat.

“School of Rock” began as a movie that debuted in 2003. It became a Broadway musical in 2015 and is now touring around the United States.

The musical follows Dewey, a wannabe rock star who doesn’t seem to be able to turn his dream until a reality. He needs some cash quickly and seizes the opportunity when a call comes in for his best friend, Ned Schneebly, to substitute teach at a prestigious prep school.

He takes the job and pretends to be Ned, but what can a wannabe rocker teacher a bunch of kids? A lot more than you might think.

Throughout the musical, you forget that these children are 8-11 years old as they effortlessly act, sing, dance, and play musical instruments simultaneously.

The endurance and love they have for acting are seen throughout the 2-and-a-half hour performance.

The musical flows from one scene to the next as the entire cast works in unity to put on an outstanding performance. The set makes you feel like you are in a school or at a concert within a matter of seconds. The costumes only added to the show.

“School of Rock” is at the Boston Opera House through February 24th.