Wolfgang Puck Will Go Off Script At Oscars After-Party


By Lauren Granada

Wolfgang Puck is always looking to keep it fresh. So after 25 years as the Executive Chef of the Governors Ball, he is introducing a new dish on the menu. Ham.

“Cinco de Jota is the best ham– it’s my favorite, I like it so much,” said Chef Puck as he put a slice in his mouth.

Cinco de Jota means “5 Star.” It’s an apt name for the rare – and expensive – meat that comes from the black Iberian pig found in Spain and Portugal.

Chef Puck is even flying out a special cook just to prepare it.

You’ll also find miyazaki wagyu beef; a special cut of black cattle all the way from Japan.

Wherever your tastes take you, Chef Puck will aim to please at this year’s lavish event.

“I have six chefs who just take special requests,” he explained.

Guests will certainly want to save room for dessert. Old and new sweet dishes will be offered, including Chef Puck’s iconic 24-karat gold coated chocolate statues. It takes 6,500 Valrhona Illanka chocolates to make sure everyone has one at the Governors Ball.

Not every dish at the event will be exotic though. Puck will also be serving up his classic chicken pot pie along with macaroni and cheese, two of his favorites that have found their way into many household kitchens.

“The best dish to make at home is something that can be easily prepared ahead of time so that you can serve and enjoy your guests,” the chef explained.

After 25 years of cooking for the Governors Ball, Chef Puck says that the best part about cooking for everyone is seeing his plates come back clean after the stars dine on his masterpieces.