Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Sarah Ashmore 02/27/2019

Courtesy of Creative Commons

President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen went before Congress and the American people to tell his side of the story. He began by calling the President a con man, a racist and a cheat.

Cohen said that when President Trump was a candidate, he was aware that Roger Stone was speaking with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange about releasing emails from the Democratic National Committee.

In his prepared remarks, Cohen stated, “I am ashamed that I chose to take part in concealing Mr. Trump’s illicit acts rather than listening to my own conscience. I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is.”

Cohen also brought evidence to support his claims. It included copies of checks written by President Trump to reimburse Cohen for a hush-money payment, copies of letters by Cohen threatening the President’s schools and the College Board not to release his SAT scores or grades, and copies of the President’s 2011 to 2013 financial statements.

Cohen wouldn’t answer questions from members of Congress about any collusion between President Trump and Russia because he was restricted to discussing his interactions with the President.

He apologized to House committee members for lying to them in his previous testimony to protect the President. “Mr. Trump had made it clear to me, through his personal statements to me that we both knew were false, and through his lies to the country, that he wanted me to lie,” Cohen said.