Grab Your Tissues for “Five Feet Apart”

By Elizabeth Perkin 03/15/2019
WEBN-TV By Elizabeth Perkin

You will be crying your eyes out, but in the best way possible. The romantic drama draws attention to a life-threatening disease, cystic fibrosis, while showing you that love is possible anywhere.

Cole Sprouse plays Will, a seventeen-year-old who doesn’t see a reason to keep fighting until he meets Stella, played by Haley Lu Richardson. Stella and her need for control and organization have left her wanting to help Will who can’t seem to take his treatment seriously.

The movie is based on Rachel Lippincott’s best selling book “Five Feet Apart.” The novel has been turned in a movie with Justin Baldoni making his directorial debut. Baldoni is known for his character Rafael Solano in “Jane the Virgin.”

The movie follows Stella and Will while they fight for their lives and love. All cystic fibrosis patients must keep six feet from each other at all times, but Stella convinces herself and Will that five feet apart is enough. The couple must make do in a relationship without physical affection.

While love isn’t always easy, they try their best to make it work through all the curveballs life throws at them.

Moisés Arias also stars in the film as another cystic fibrosis patient. Arias plays Poe, Stella’s best friend. The two prove that there is nothing that can stop two people with cystic fibrosis from being friends, even if they have to be six feet apart at all times.

Arias brings out the fun and playful side in the serious and strict Stella. Also, everyone needs a wing woman/man to help them sneak off to see their forbidden love. Poe helps Stella and Will sneak off to see each other while, of course, keeping five feet between them.

Five Feet Apart premiers in theaters Friday, March 15.