Warren Says No Electoral College

Courtesy of Creative Commons
By Kayla LaRosa 03/20/2019

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Elizabeth Warren wants to do away with the Electoral College. Her comments were in response to a question asked at her CNN town hall about voter disenfranchisement.

“My view is that every vote matters. And the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the Electoral College,” she said.

“Presidential candidates don’t come to places like Mississippi… They also don’t come to places like California and Massachusetts, right? Because we’re not the battleground states.”

Warren joins presidential candidate and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg who has also vocally supported an end to the Electoral College system.

The debate has been reignited since, in the 2016 election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidency.

The movement to end the Electoral College’s impact is already underway. Twelve states and Washington, D.C. have already agreed to assign the winner of their Electoral College votes to the winner of the popular vote regardless of the outcomes in their states.