Moulton Offers Scholarship Plan For National Service

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Kayla LaRosa 5/22/19

Presidential candidate and veteran Seth Moulton has a plan for a new national service program.
The Massachusetts Congressman tweeted, “Today I’m making the biggest call to national service since World War II. I’m asking all 33 million young Americans to consider serving. And if you invest in your country, we’ll invest in you,” followed by a link to his website.
The link leads to a five point proposal for a “national service education guarantee” modeled after the GI Bill. It details a wide scale recruiting effort to Americans age 17-24 to serve the country for one to three years. 
In exchange for enrolling in programs such as AmeriCorps, FEMA Corps, or AmeriCorps VISTA, Moulton’s plan would offer educational or vocational scholarships once the service commitment is completed. Specifically, the program would cover up to 60 percent of in-state college tuition or up to $14,000 worth of vocational training. The amount of scholarship money would increase depending on the length of the service commitment.
Prior to running for office, Moulton served four tours of duty in Iraq.