1.5 Billion Student Opportunity Act Passes Massachusetts Senate

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Jesse Connelly-Cohen 10/04/2019

The Massachusetts State Senate passed a major bill that would insure that 1.5 billion dollars be spent on public education each year.

The bill, called the Student Opportunity Act, is an update from the original bill that was established in 1993.

One of the 69 amendments adopted would insure that money be given in support of a program that would help to cover expenses for high school students who struggled with substance abuse.

Sen. Jo Comerford was unable to push an amendment through for special education funding. Comerford argued that “we are missing the boat with special education.”

Another amendment that passed by unanimous vote would require the district to develop a new plan every three years that would show how they plan to use this money to address and close achievement gaps.

This amendment would require superintendents to listen to input from parents affected by achievement gaps, including parents of special needs and ESL students.

The bill passed unanimously 39-0. It now heads to the house of representatives to obtain approval there.