Energy Secretary Rick Perry to Step Down by the End of the Year

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Cecilia Meddock 10/04/2019

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, one of the longest serving members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, is set to resign by the end of this year according to “sources familiar with his plans.”

The former Texas governor has kept a relatively low profile during his time as energy secretary, even calling it “the coolest job [he’s] ever had,” at an Earth Day event in 2017.  But amidst the ongoing impeachment inquiry Perry has decided to part ways with the Trump administration.

Perry has remained relatively quiet on the issue of climate change, instead focusing his time on nuclear waste disposal and advocating for the use of fossil fuels. He has failed, however, to enact any comprehensive policy changes during his time as the secretary of energy.

As of Oct. 2019, 38 of the most important cabinet positions have seen some kind of dismissal since President  Trump took office in Jan. 2017, with multiple positions seeing multiple dismissals.

Perry led the presidential party to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s inauguration in the place of Vice President Mike Pence in May, and House Democrats are positing that this trip may be crucial to the impeachment inquiry.

It is unclear if Trump will nominate another secretary of energy, risking a possibly contentious confirmation hearing in an election year.

Sources close to Perry say he may move to a private sector job before “hanging up his spurs.”