eXposed TV Season Five Premiere & Third-Year Anniversary

Creator of eXposed TV, Katiria Colon. Courtesy of Ashley Blanco

By Ashley Blanco 

Katiria Colon is the founder of eXposed TV, on-air radio and television personality, and producer. Colon celebrated the third-year anniversary of her television series eXposed TV. The accomplishment and premiere of season five were honored with a private screening hosted at the Studio Allston Hotel. 

eXposed TV has been a platform for artists to meet and network with industry professionals since 2016. In her opening speech, Colon explains how a variety of artists can “share, expose and promote their work and talent to the general public. We target all art disciplines. eXposed covers media worldwide.” Past guests have included celebrities such as Neyo, Ty Dolla $ign, Sean Paul and many more. 

Viewers can expect to see more local musicians and celebrities share their work within the industry this upcoming season. “It’s really cool to see the artists that are uprising and already celebrities,” Colon shared. According to the producer, the intention this season is to “support artists and expose them in a positive way. It is all about the community, not only the community in Boston but, the community around the world and just sharing the love.” The goal for local artists is getting exposure to people in the television and music industry the network offers. The best moment throughout this entire journey has been “editing and sitting down with Matte and seeing how the episodes are going to come out.” 

Matte Thomas is eXposed TV’s visual and creative director. He says viewers this season can “expect more of a movie Netflix type of film and documentary style.” Thomas describes the growth as exciting and “a new beginning.” Many of the executives wanted to give viewers and fans all that eXposed had to offer. One of their favorite moments in the production process of this season was working with others to obtain the best images, going to set locations, and capturing the right shots with the right people. “Each episode tells a story so our goal is to talk to these artists and make sure we can get the right locations and the right things we need to create the story for them,” Matte added.  

Telemundo named eXposed TV “show of the year” in 2017. Since then, Colon has also been recognized for her creative work by Forbes Magazine. eXposed TV can be found on YouTube, iHeart media,, CCTV, and is expected to make its way to more popular television networks soon.