Trudeau Wins Second Term Amidst Scandals

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Anissa Gardizy 10/22/2019

Justin Trudeau will serve as Canadian Prime Minister for a second term after losing the majority in a competitive and divided national election.

The Liberals now have 157 seats in government, which is 13 less than the number needed to hold a majority. Trudeau and Conservative Andrew Scheer were the top candidates during Monday’s election where over 300 seats in the parliamentary were open.

Trudeau is commonly viewed as a progressive public figure. While in office, he apologized for the way the government treated the LBGTQ and indigenous communities, and he has welcomed refugees. He claims that he is a feminist and has commited to end the gender pay gap.

But several scandals painted Trudeau’s campaign. It was revealed in a picture last week that the 47-year-old wore brownface when he was a teacher at an “Arabian Nights” event. Another picture surfaced showing Trudeau wearing blackface in high school. In July 2018, Trudaeu was accused of groping a female reporter when he was 28 years old.

Trudeau said after his win that he would commit to working for everyone in the divided government and country.