ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Commits Suicide Upon US Raid

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Danielle Shojai 10/28/2019

President Trump announced in a nationally televised address from the White House on Sunday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a raid.

According to a statement by President Trump, Baghdadi was cornered at the end of a tunnel by the United States Special Forces in Northern Syria, where he activated his suicide vest, killing himself and his three children. President Trump deemed the operation as conducted in “grand style.”

Mr. Trump also thanked Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Syria and the Syrian Kurds for their assistance in the operation.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was directly involved in the attacks committed by ISIS, including the genocide of Yazidis. ISIS was declared a terrorist organization by the United Nations, and Baghdadi was labeled the “world’s number one terrorist leader,” by President Trump in his White House address.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video on Twitter congratulating President Trump, calling the raid an “impressive achievement.”

Iran’s information minister Mohammed Javad Azari-Jahromi also responded to the news in a tweet, saying, “Not a big deal! You just killed your creature.”