Rep. Katie Hill to Resign from Congress

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Lily Hartenstein 10/28/2019

Democratic Rep. Katie Hill of California has announced her resignation from Congress following an investigation into inappropriate sexual relationships she had with members of her staff.

Last week, the House Ethics Committee announced that it had launched an investigation into allegations of these sexual relationships, which came after nude photos of her and another person were leaked to a conservative news outlet.

In her letter, Hill noted that the use of those images was illegal and she is pursuing “all legal options.”

Hill said the claims of her being in a relationship with her legislative director or member of her congressional staff are “absolutely false.” However, she acknowledged a relationship with a member of her campaign staff, and apologized.

She did not specify a date in her resignation letter but POLITICO reports that multiple people with knowledge of Hill’s plans said she could step aside as soon as Nov. 1.