Harris to Cut Campaign Staff

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Jenny Ferm

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is planning to make major cuts to her campaign staff and funds. 

The Harris campaign will be laying off staff in their Baltimore headquarters, and re-assigning staff from Nevada, New Hampshire, and California to Iowa. They will also be drastically cutting down on campaign spending in these states. 

The changes were confirmed in a memo from her campaign manager Juan Rodriguez, which was first reported by Politico

“To effectively compete with the top campaigns and make the necessary investments in the critical final 100 days to the caucus, we need to reduce expenditures elsewhere and realign resources.” said Rodriguez in the memo. 

Harris’ campaign is far behind her opponents in terms of funding, announcing earlier this month that it has raised $11.6 million in the third quarter. Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised $25.3 million, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has raised $24.6 million, and Mayor Pete Buttigeg raised $19.1 million.

Harris has been facing a downward trend since the June democratic debate, with a CNN report this year announcing her at 6% among polls nationally. Another poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire found Harris at 3% in New Hampshire, significantly dragging behind her other opponents.