Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Refuses to Accept Andy Beshear’s Race Victory

Courtesy of AP

By Danielle Shojai

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is refusing to concede to Democratic opponent Andy Beshear after last night’s gubernatorial election. 

Democrat Andy Beshear showed an apparent win over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin. The race was won in Beshear’s favor with a separation of only 5,126 votes according to the Associated Press.

“We are not conceding this race by any stretch,” Bevin said in a Tuesday night speech to his supporters. “The process [of a recount] will be followed…in the end, we will have the governor who was chosen by the people of Kentucky.” 

Bevin also claimed that “there have been more than a few irregularities,” although he has not specified a particular allegation. Bevin has the right to file for a recount, although his team has not confirmed if he is doing so. 

“Last night, the election ended…its time to move forward,” Beshear said in a news conference. “This isn’t about politics anymore. That ended last night. This is about being the best governor I can be for Kentucky.”