Bolivia’s Interim President Calls for ‘National Consensus’ Amidst Protests

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Joe Creason

Bolivian Senator Jeanine Añez Chavez has stepped in as interim president, admitting that political turmoil has plagued the nation.

Añez declared herself interim president during her first televised address promising to find a “national consensus.”

Supporters of Añez released photos of military leaders saluting her during a meeting.

Meanwhile, Morales is adamant that the Añez government is unconstitutional due to the legislature not approving his resignation. Many Morales supporters say that Añez does not represent the interests of “farmers and poor people.”

Police also barred about a dozen senators, who were allied with the former president, from entering the legislature.

Morales has made the case for his presidency, claiming he has lifted indigenous communities out of long suffered repression. Morales says he wishes for the prosperity of the nation.

“Continuity is important for the economic development of the country” Morales said.

Añez is set to sit in as president for the next 90 days until the next election.