Warren Calls Out Goldman Sachs Over Apple Card Biases

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Ashly Ibarra 11/15/2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is dissatisfied with Goldman Sachs’ response to criticism about Apple Card’s algorithm bias.

“Let’s just tell every woman in America, you might have been discriminated against, on an unknown algorithm,” Warren said in an interview with Bloomberg.

The controversy started when tech entrepreneur, David Heinemeier, shared a series of tweets sharing that he received a credit limit 20 times higher than his wife, even though they file their taxes jointly.

Sachs responded to the situation by asking customers to double-check their credit limits. He says they plan to reassess the credit limits on a case-by-case basis for those who received a lower limit than expected.

The New York Department of Financial Services launched an investigation into Goldman Sachs to decide if the bank violated state law, and  to make sure that all customers are being treated equally, regardless of sex.