Deval Patrick Cancels Campaign Event Due to Low Attendance

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Jesse Connelly-Cohen

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign event at Morehouse College was canceled due to lack of attendees.
Patrick is among 10 of the presidential candidates that was not seen on stage for the November presidential debate in Atlanta. Rather, he was supposed to attend an event at Morehouse College just an hour before the debate.
According to a campaign announcement, Patrick said that he has a meeting with some local editorial boards of student newspapers just four miles away from Tyler Perry Studios, where the debate was held.
The event was promptly canceled after just two students arrived. The students allegedly attended because organizers asked them to attend as they were passing by in the hallway.
Julian Hemmings, president and founder of the college’s New Deal Democrats, has had many other candidates appear at his school in the past, and holds high hopes that Patrick “could do this again.”