President Trump Impeached By The House

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Kayla LaRosa

House lawmakers voted to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

The House voted to impeach the president for high crimes and misdemeanors, after a daylong debate in which lawmakers discussed whether or not Mr. Trump violated his oath by pressuring Ukraine to damage an opponent.

President Trump was impeached on two articles. The first vote, 230-197, impeached him for abuse of power. The second vote, 229-198, was for obstructing congress.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voted “present” on both articles. No Republicans voted in support of the impeachment.

The Senate impeachment trial will begin in early January. Many predict that President Trump will be acquitted since two-thirds majority is required for conviction and removal from office.

House Speaker Pelosi called Mr. Trump an “an ongoing threat to our national security and the integrity of our elections.”