“Fancy Troubles” Debut at New York Fashion Week

By: Victoria Gonzalez

Independent designer Gabrielle Saifi showcases her sunglasses brand “Fancy Troubles,” at New York Fashion Week 2020 for the first time after recently launching it last year.

As Saifi was once leaving home to study abroad, her grandfather warned her to “stay away from fancy troubles.” Since then, this advice stuck with her and became the inspiration behind the name of her brand.

Her goal is to convey personal confidence through her designs and encourage people to take risks. Saifi mentioned, “I’m my own designs I wanted something unique, something that didn’t already exist.”

One pair in particular called “Desert Sky,” was designed with a bridge in the middle to mimic rays of sunshine. It was made in Italy with a 70’s retro look to stand out, along with the rest of her designs made abroad that incorporate bright colors and captivating patterns on the sides.

Saifi also gains inspiration by inviting individuals from all walks of life to share parts of their journey with her. As she learns about troubles that others experience, she is able to visualize different ways that she can help incorporate fearlessness and self-assurance through her pieces.

She expressed, “I want someone to feel really proud of wearing Fancy Troubles and to want to show off when they’re walking down the street, get compliments, and feel good about themselves.”

Whether it’s walking along the beach or getting brunch, Saifi wants people to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd with captivating accessories, like Fancy Troubles, and transform their look with her designs.