Son Jung Wan’s Newest Collection: Bringing Romance to the Runway

By: Samantha Johns

Son Jung Wan returned to the runway to unveil her Fall/Winter 2020 collection at Spring Studios. After debuting a disco fairytale theme last season her focus was making sure this collection was more about herself. 

The collection featured more neutrals than usual for the Korean-born designer but staying true to her love of color there were many bold splashes found in each look. 

Son Jung Wan says, “My color palette for this show is mainly golden primary colors: red, indigo and bright green to emphasize 50’s romanticism.” 

Although this isn’t the first time she’s shown her work at New York Fashion Week this year is extra special because one of the models was none other than her son. 

“This is my 10th year doing NYFW. My son is going to be wearing my dresses and he will walk the runway,” said Son Jung Wan. 

Emphasizing her looks for the modern smart natural woman each piece painted a daydream of the neo-romanticism era Wan was inspired by. 

“When I was young I was always styling and designing. I wanted to be a designer when I was young and my dreams came true,” Son Jung Wan told me.

For Winter/Fall 2020, Wan unveiled a most romantic collection, filled with sequins, pops of color, and starks of neutrals, that brings boldness and feminism to a wondrous season.