The Fashion Life Tour is All About Making People Confident

By: Martha Konstandinidis

Friday at New York Fashion Week, we had the opportunity to attend the Fashion Life Tour where a variety of clothes matched the wide variety of people. The Fashion Life Tour, which is the brand and the name of the show, premiered its new and upcoming collections at the Broad Street Ballroom in New York City. Although TFL is a newer company, it certainly captured the essence of this year’s Fashion Week and what it means to be a part of the industry. Producer and “Fashion Mama” Kiara Belen organized and hosted the event, ensuring the environment was diverse and inclusive.

Upon walking into the venue, guests were met with a grand stage in the front and large screens sharing behind-the-scenes previews of the models preparing, the clothes and the rehearsals. The interactive layout of the stage allowed viewers into the sides and center so they were in the midst of the drama and luxury. Models would strut down the runway and loop around the audience as they showcased the collection, which was sponsored by The Society. Toward the back of the venue was a floral and sequin New York Fashion Week sign where producers, models and influencers all took pictures to snap a memory of the glamorous event. 

Belen was previously a long time model and was inspired to begin the fashion show after having her daughter. Being a “Fashion Mama” like her role model Tyra Banks, was her dream but she was determined to make it a reality. Not only did Belen believe she had the beautiful clothes and patterns to present to the world, but she wanted her models to be just as diverse. Over everything, Belen wanted to promote confidence. She felt that the fashion industry was the perfect place to display and cast people from all different backgrounds, shapes and genders. 

The Fashion Life Tour, from beginning to end, encouraged people to be themselves and find inner-confidence and beauty within themselves.