Dogs Steal the Spotlight at Anthony Rubio’s Show

By: Elizabeth Perkin

Anthony Rubio debuted his Fall/Winter collection Saturday afternoon at New York Fashion Week and dogs were leading the pack.

Showcasing couture looks for our four-legged friends and women he brought vibrant, elegant looks to the runway.

For Rubio designing clothes is more for pets. He says that women’s design comes second for him.

“This [the dogs] are my favorite part. We bring the dogs in and the dogs are the models, the people are the accessories.”

While he has some dogs that walk in all his shows, he always wants to advocate for a cause that is close to his heart, adopt don’t shop.

The Puerto Rico native included dogs from la Isla del Encanto looking for their forever homes in his show. 

Sequences took the front seat in his designs. He experimented with leather and feathers as he embraced retro for this collection.

“I want to bring back some retro looks so there are some flapperish things,” Rubio said. He went on to add, “I like to incorporate some cultural things into my work all the time, there is a dress with a feminist message.”

The entire collection embraced dogs and people as it celebrated the two uniting together for fashion.