Rebecca Minkoff New York Fashion Week 2020

By: Martha Konstandinidis 

Saturday at New York Fashion Week, we had the opportunity to attend Rebecca Minkoff’s spring/summer collection presentation. The designs included vibrant and beautiful colors but there was a select theme for the show: Motherhood. Taking a look at her fashion trends, she has had a theme surrounding women the past couple of years starting with the “working woman” designs from 2019 and maternity being the 2020 inspiration. 

Upon walking into the venue, you were greeted by the vibrants lights with yellow, pink and blue hues to accentuate her clothing pieces. Guests crowded around the stage and even got to interact with the models who were playing with pieces of the set and talking to each other. As you made your way down the presentation, kids passed out ice cream bars by the Magnum Collection to really bring the youth back into fashion and into Minkoff’s show. 

We spoke to Janelle Simon, who was chosen to be a model for this presentation but the only difference is — she’s pregnant! For most, many refer to models for the “perfect body” but these designs were made for all types of bodies but most importantly, all types of moms. Minkoff, being the hard-working mom she is, wanted to make this season’s collection to fit the needs of other mothers, no matter what their job may be. 

The collection didn’t just appeal to moms, but to actress Victoria Justice who was able to come see the show for herself. Justice mentioned how she has been a long time fan of Minkoff and she feels the inspiration behind the line is important and worth talking about. Being a long time fan of her clothes, she was excited to see the line and the many different outlets and shows that Fashion Week had to offer.

Minkoff’s presentation showed how important it is to have diversity in your models, in your clothing choices, and in the fashion world.