Saving the Planet Through One Fashion Statement at a Time

By: Emily Cristobal

Near the harbor at Pier 59, sustainable designers set up pop-up shops as well as a runway to feature their latest designs.

One of the designers whose work was featured at the show was Angela Clark, a sustainable jewelry designer. Her jewelry was worn by models who walked in the showcase.

Angela Clark who is originally from Melbourne, Australia founded her own sustainable jewelry brand in hopes of limiting the harmful effects of pollution the fashion industry often emits. 

Through her jewelry, Clark hopes to create modern-day heirlooms. She explains that to make her jewelry, she repurposes vintage jewelry to make new designs. Clarke also uses intricate weaving patterns to bead organic gems. 

All the jewelry that Clark creates for her boutique is handmade and one of a kind. She said that her entire company is zero-waste because if one of her items doesn’t sell, she simply takes it apart and creates a new design.

Clark explains that she makes elegant jewelry that can be used for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. 

She emphasized that she wants to make jewelry that won’t just be thrown away after one year. Clark wants to make jewelry that will be used for years to come.