Massachusetts House Introduces New Tax Bill

By Elena Naze

On Wednesday, Massachusetts house members announced a new tax system designed to bring in $522 million to $612 million more a year for the transportation system. 

The plan includes raising the state’s gas tax 5 cents per gallon, raising taxes on businesses, and raising fees for services like Uber and Lyft. 

The bill is expected to go to a vote on the House floor next week. House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo pointed out the necessity for the bill by acknowledging the MBTA’s recent failures, rusting bridges, and congested and crumbling roads. 

If passed, it will mark the first gas tax increase since 2013. Additionally, the state fees on Uber and Lyft rides would increase from 20 cents to $1.20 per ride. The exception comes when a customer pays for a ride-sharing service like UberPool in an effort to control traffic congestion.