The White House and National Health Agencies Split Over Solutions to Coronavirus Outbreak

By Karagan Knowles 03/09/2020

Disruption between the White House and national health agencies has expanded on what to share to the public as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the nation.

While health agencies are attempting to paint a realistic picture of the situation, White House officials are hesitant on the panic the outbreak brings.

As the virus spreads to more areas of the country, President Trump and the agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have become distrustful of one another while being tasked with containing the virus before it spreads further.

CNN reports that, according to the CDC and the White House, “officials on each side question decisions that either appear designed to downplay the growing crisis or to generate further concern.”

Trump continues to insist that he’s satisfied with the work his team is doing to contain the virus and keep Americans safe by spreading the message: that the virus is contained, Americans face little risk, and life should proceed as normal.

“I give you my honest opinion of what we should be doing, my honest evaluation, the same way as i’m doing today. But I can’t speak for everyone who is involved in this,” said Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in response to the disconnect between administration messaging and the warnings from public health experts.

As the warnings for the virus get more severe, White House officials and health agencies are attempting to find a common ground on what to expect and relay to the public as the coronavirus continues to spread.