Boston Mayor Warns Against Throwing House Parties Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

10/28/20 By Bailey Allen

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh held a City Hall press conference Thursday. He announced that the city is going to be “cracking down” on those who continue to put themselves and others at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are looking to strengthen the enforcement of COVID restrictions in the city,” Mayor Walsh said. He explained that the City of Boston will be implementing tighter regulations on gathering limits, restrictions on unpermitted public events, and “unsanctioned activities” in parks.

Walsh brought up the fact that Boston’s COVID-19 positive test rate was 4.4% last week. With the uptick in coronavirus cases, city officials are on high alert. Walsh said that they will be paying “special attention” to house parties. 

“We continue to get reports of house parties in South Boston as well as other neighborhoods in the city of Boston,” Walsh said. “We are tracing locations where house parties continue to happen and will be working through Inspectional Services to curtail these events.”

Walsh is encouraging concerned residents to call 911 to report house parties and large gatherings. Fines may be issued to tenants and landlords who host events on their properties.