Friday was the last day for early voting in-person

10/30/20 By Carol Rangel

Photo Courtesy of Pixaby

The last day to cast early votes in person in Massachusetts was Friday, Oct. 31. The deadline coincided with the first snowfall in the state, an obstacle to those who were planning to participate in the early-voting window. 

Voters have several options to consider if they have missed the deadline. Nov. 3 is the last day to cast your vote, in-person from 7 am to 8 pm, or by mail. 

Those who are planning to vote by mail will have their ballots counted if they are mailed by Election Day, as long as the ballots arrive by 5 pm on Nov. 6. 

They can also return their ballots by 8 pm on Nov. 3 to the secure drop boxes in their municipalities, or to their city or town hall. If a mail ballot has not been processed, the voter who requested it reserves the right to vote in person. Track the status of your ballot at

2,237,434 Massachusetts voters have already cast their votes as of 4 pm on Oct. 30. The Election Modernization Coalition calls voters to be aware of the deadline for counting ballots. 

“We want to remind voters that Massachusetts elections officials have until 5 p.m. on Friday, November 6, to process ballots,” the coalition said. “This means that voters may not know the results for all races until then, and it is by design rather than delay. In a democracy, it is critical to ensure that every valid vote is counted.”

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