Be Ready For a More Expensive Holiday Season

By Li Lucy Brandt

Manufacturers of vinegar, oil, apple, or tomato sauce, and all kinds of other foods are anxiously awaiting overdue shipments of glass bottles. These have been stuck in cargo jams, caused by COVID-19 entry restrictions for weeks. The shortage has resulted in a price increase of the available products in store. With price increases of over five percent over the last twelve months, the US is battling the highest inflation rates in years.

While big concerns and companies like Amazon can afford to pay more to forgo shipping delays, smaller businesses don’t have that choice. They are left behind once again and can’t jump on the bandwagon of the recovering economy. Shipping delays and increased costs for products are two of the main factors, small businesses are struggling with while trying to keep their stores running.

While prices in stores are going up, the shipping costs are increasing as well. Not only is shipping taking longer, but it’s also getting more and more expensive, making it even harder to get products like glass bottles shipped. With Christmas right around the corner, and the peak shipping season coming up, manufacturers are worried about a product shortage in stores. There is no solution or change to the problem insight, and for now, prices, and shortages will keep increasing.

Be ready for a more expensive holiday season. Buy early — if you even can.