John Deere employees strike for higher wages

Courtesy of Creative Commons

10/14/21 By Adora Brown 

John Deere employees across the U.S. are participating in strikes after a contract for 5-6% pay increases was rejected. 

Walkouts began on Thursday after the strike deadline passed. This marks the first walkout in over three decades at the company. 

Worker shortages meant many employees worked long hours throughout the year. Yet, Deere is expected to report record profits ranging from $5.7 and $5.9 billion. According to Creighton University economist Ernie Goss, the labor shortages give the employees an advantage. 

Brad Morris, Vice President of Deere Labor Relations, said, “John Deere is committed to a favorable outcome for our employees, our communities, and everyone involved.” 

Local officials are concerned about the impact on the economy, as Deere workers may begin spending less if the strike continues. Pressure looms over Deere to meet demands before it affects supply.