F.D.A expected to allow “Mix-and-Match” COVID boosters

By Rhiannon Melton

Washington—The Food and Drug Administration plans to allow Americans to get a different brand booster than their initial vaccine.

On Oct,15,2021. researchers presented the findings of a “mix and match” study. The findings revealed that COVID-19 antibodies increased 76-fold, 15 days after Johnson & Johnson recipients received a Moderna booster.

This method is called “mix and match.” A National Institutes of Health study found the method is safe and effective.

Similarly, a Pfizer booster raised antibody levels in Johnson & Johnson patients, but not to the level that Moderna did. Experts stress that the results of this study, while promising, are based on short-term findings and a small sample size.

The F.D.A plans to authorize boosters of the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines Wednesday evening, and could allow the mix-and-max approach by then, reporting by The New York Times.

A Center for Disease Control advisory committee plans to meet Thursday to discuss COVID-19 booster vaccines. The C.D.C. is expected to announce its own recommendations after.