Neera Tanden, The New White House Staff Secretary

By Zhiru Tang

Washington — President Biden on Friday appointed Neera Tanden, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, as the new White House Staff secretary.

In her current position, Ms.Tanden will serve as the bridge between Mr.Biden and his senior White House advisors. Policy proposals that top White House advisers want the president to sign off need to be inspected by Ms.Tanden first. Then, she will decide what and when documents can be delivered to the president’s desk.

An anonymous White House official said Ms.Tanden would still keep the original job as senior advisor alongside her advanced title, and continue working with other senior White House officials to offer suggestions to the president on various topics.

However, Ms.Tanden has been criticized for her acerbic style and unsparing language on social media for a long time. Because of that, members of the Senate on both sides fiercely resist Ms.Tanden for her mean tweet.

Even so, it couldn’t deny the decision made by Mr.Biden is a promising step for Ms.Tanden.