Biden nominates first woman to FCC Chair

By Rhiannon Melton

President Joe Biden announced his nominations to the Federal Communications Commission Tuesday, nominating Jessica Rosenworcel as permanent Chair of the Commision.

If Rosenworcel is confirmed by the Senate, she will be the first woman to serve as Chair of the FCC. Rosenworcel will take up her position immediately if confirmed, as she is already a serving member of the commission.

Rosenworcel’s platform places heavy emphasis on the homework gap and ensuring equitable Internet access for students.

Another item on Rosenworcel’s agenda is restoring net neutrality protections, a repealed set of rules that kept Internet providers from blocking or slowing down connections.

Biden nominated former FCC official Gigi Sohn to fill the agency’s fifth commissioner opening. If confirmed, Sohn will be the first openly LGBTQIA+ commissioner of the FCC.

Previously, the FCC was tied 2-2 between Democratic and Republican commissioners. As a result, the Commission was restricted to tackling bipartisan issues, rather than hotter, more partisan issues, such as net neutrality.

If the Senate confirms both Rosenworcel and Sohn, the agency will hold a 3-2 Democratic majority.