Community members call for Danvers Superintendent to resign

11/09/2021 By Rhiannon Melton

After a contentious public school meeting Monday night, some community members are calling for Danvers Superintendent Lisa Dana to resign. This follows allegations of homophobic and racist hazing in the high school’s 2019-2020 hockey team. 

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

At the meeting, some community members were concerned by the district’s lack of action on the matter; others defended the team. School board member Robin Doherty called for Superintendent Dana to be placed on immediate leave, causing the committee to go into executive session.    

“I don’t have confidence in the committee or the superintendent, and I ask that they resign,” one concerned parent urged.

A Danvers varsity hockey player reported hazing to school administration, The Boston Globe revealed in June 2020. The player told officials he was restrained by two teammates and slapped across the face with a sex toy for refusing to say the “N” word.  Reportedly, this was a part of the team’s “Hard R Friday’s,” referring to the last letter of the ‘N” word.  The school’s hockey team is all-white.

Some behavior was physically and sexually violent, and hazing took place weekly in Danver’s hockey team’s locker rooms, reports NBC News. Discriminatory behavior of anti-Semitic and racist nature reportedly took place over the team’s group chat as well.

During the public comment period of the meeting, many community members urged investigation and action on the hazing allegations and repeatedly called for Superintendent Dana’s resignation.