International Students Returning to US, But Below Pre-COVID Levels

By Clarissa Calderon

Nationwide, American colleges and universities saw a 4% annual increase in international students this fall, according to survey results released Monday, Nov. 15, by the Institute of International Education. But that follows a decrease of 15% last year.

Although COVID-19 is still an ongoing issue, many universities in the U.S. reported an increase in international students on campus. However, the rebound has yet to make up for last year’s historic declines.

The spike of international students on campus this fall does not equal the amount of students colleges lost during the pandemic, but college officials remain hopeful that this increase will continue.

According to AP, a survey that over 800 U.S. schools participated in, revealed that 70% of universities saw an increase in international students. 20% recorded a decrease in international students, while 10% remained the same.

The U.S. still faces challenges, such as competition from colleges in Canada and Australia who are trying to increase their numbers of international students, as well as vaccine requirements for international students. However, U.S. schools look to increase the amount of international students on campus for their vast ideas and cultures that contribute to college life.