Thanksgiving travel: Here are the worst times to hit the road

By Max Thaler

Thanksgiving break is the busiest time of the year when it comes to traveling, with the day before Thanksgiving being the country’s most active travel day of the year. According to AAA, it is expected that over 53 million people are expected to travel this week throughout the United States. 

These numbers factor in how this is the first post-vaccine Thanksgiving, which makes it easier for families to get together for the holiday. 

When it comes to making sure you make it on time to your Thanksgiving dinner, here are some of the highways you should avoid in the greater Boston area this week:

I‐90 Westbound between I‐84 and I‐495 all day Wednesday

I‐90 Westbound between I‐495 and I‐93 Tuesday, 3-7 pm,

I‐495 Northbound between US 3 and I‐90 around 8 pm Tuesday night.

I‐93 Northbound between US 1 and the New Hampshire State Line Tuesday & Wednesday from 2-5 pm.

I‐90 Westbound between I‐84 and I‐495 Saturday from 1-4 pm.