East Coast Buckles Up for Nor’easter 2022

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Keshav Vinod

A nor’easter is due to sweep through most of the East coast this weekend, leaving almost 80 million people facing potential heavy snow and hurricane levels winds. The storm Is currently due to hit off the coast of the Carolinas and should grow in intensity as it makes its way up the coast.

Blizzard warnings have been issued for Friday for coastal areas such as Maine and New Jersey. According to the National Weather Service, Boston and other coastal cities are at risk for blowing snow. Most of Eastern Massachusetts, including Boston, is predicted to receive 18-24 inches of snow and massive wind gusts of 70mph.

New York City is looking at snow between 8-12 inches with wins upwards of 40mph. Upstate New York is looking at 14 inches of snow. Philadelphia is looking at 4-11 inches of snow with winds of 35mph.

The Weather Predictions Center also warned of extremely cold temperature as well as coastal flooding. This particular storm is expected to strengthen due to a process called bombogenesis. A process by a storm gains more momentum when it drops a certain amount of atmospheric pressure in a 24-hour period.