ALERT: Friday Storm Brings 1-2​​ Feet of Snow North in Boston Area

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Eva Windler

The recent snowstorm has left Boston and much of Massachusetts covered in a thick layer of snow. Luckily, the sun seems to be melting this away quickly. However, this warm weather is not to last, because this Friday, temperatures are expected to drop again.

As the weather becomes colder, light precipitation is predicted to fall, first rain, then sleet, and then snow. For snow to fall, temperatures must be below freezing for almost all of the journey down from the sky. Once it hits the ground, depending on ground temperatures, the snowflakes might melt. Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures of the air around it could potentially freeze the melted snowflakes and sleet, making streets and sidewalks icy and dangerous.

Weathercasters have predicted that the precipitation will mostly be sleet on Friday, so make sure to clean it as it falls, to lower the chances of it turning to ice. Travel conditions should be improved by Saturday morning, if not Friday night. Temperatures are expected to continue to be frigid for most of February, so bundle up and stay safe.