An estimated 31.5 Million Americans to Bet on This Year’s Super Bowl

Photo courtesy of MGN

02/09/22 Charlotte O’Connor

On Tuesday morning, The Gambling Industry’s National Trade Group released that a record-breaking 31.5 million bets were being placed for this year’s Super Bowl. The Rams and Bengals are set to play this Sunday in Los Angeles’s new SoFi Stadium.

Photo courtesy of MGN

With the shiny new SoFi stadium and the thrill of this game’s match-up, the lowest selling ticket went for $4,500 and the highest listed at $55,000. In addition to spending on seats for the game, Bill Miller, CEO of The American Gaming Association stated that “Americans have never been more interested in legal sports wagering.”

 As we approach Sunday, last-minute betting still is taking place and now with even more state involvement as sports betting became legalized in Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming in the past year.