Boston’s Indoor Vaccine Mandate Moved On To Phase 2

Photo Courtesy MGN

By Keshav Vinod

On Tuesday, February 15, Boston’s second phase of COVID-19 vaccination requirements for staff and patrons at certain indoor venues.The policy, dubbed the “B Together” initiative, will take place in establishments like restaurants, gyms, museums, and a few others according to an announcement made by mayor Michelle Wu.

Phase one of the initiative required people above the ages of 12 to show proof of at least receiving one dose of the vaccine. Under the second phase, patrons above the age of 12 will have to show proof of full vaccination.

The new policy also gives the establishments some discretion by letting them choose to allow minors to enter, regardless of vaccination, if the minor is accompanying an adult or can offer a “reasonable explanation.”

Phase three is slated to begin March 1 and will require children between the ages fo 5-11 to show proof of at least having one dose of the vaccine. The final phase will start on May 1 and will require children over the age of 5 to show full vaccination status.

Boston’s positive rates were 5.4% as of Friday, February 11.