The MBTA Green Line Expands to Somerville

Photo courtesy of MGN.

03/21/2022 By Steph Trendell

After 63 years, the Green Line has expanded. The new station at Union Square opened on Monday morning. When construction for the project started in 1990, it was estimated to cost around $200 million. Finally, as the construction comes to a close, the cost has increased to approximately $2 billion.  

However, the opening of the Union Square station is only the first phase in the extension. Phase 2, which includes five new stations, is expected

Photo courtesy of MGN.

to come to fruition sometime later this year. The Green Line is expected to support more than 50,000 passenger trips a day with this new extension.

The new Lechmere station has also opened up, but now riders will have to validate their fares, both at Lechmere and Union Square. Riders must tap their Charlie Card at a fare vending machine, select validation, and tap their Charlie Card again where they will get a receipt that they must hold onto for the duration of their ride.