High School Football Players Charged With Assaulting A Teammate

Photo Courtesy MGN

By Keshav Vinod

Woburn Memorial High School’s five football players have been charged with assault against a freshman football player in the players locker room. The incident took place in September 2021 and during a wave of various troubling incidents taking place in high schools across Massachusetts.

Two of the students, who were not on the football team, were also charged with assaulting the freshman, Johnathan Coucelos, in separate incidents. One of them took place in a school bathroom in October while the other took place in a Spanish classroom in November. One of the alleged has reportedly left the football team.

Delinquency complaints were brought by a clerk magistrate in the Lowell Juvenile Court of assault and battery against all seven suspects, according to the attorney for Coucelos, Peter Hahn. One of the suspects on the football team faces an additional count of assault and battery for allegedly groping Coucelos during the locker room incident.