Boston Fashion Awards 2022

10/15/22 By Stephanie Iancu

On Sunday, Oct. 9, the annual Boston Fashion Awards brought together the city’s most stylish, who flocked to the ballroom of the luxurious Liberty Hotel, a reconverted jail house nestled between Beacon Hill and the Charles River Esplanade.

The event, which was hosted by creator David Josef and TV host Joshua Paul, showcased the work of several Boston-based designers and boutiques such as Bogosplit, Sabrina Ortega Lopez, Renu Gupta, and Aidil Timas Grogan. Paul told WEBN that organizers were committed to promoting and encouraging diversity and had carefully selected designers and models based on this ethos.

The mission statement was to strengthen Boston’s image on the global fashion scene while also creating synergies between Boston-based creators and manufacturers. The funds collected from ticket sales went to local charities.

The evening started with a runway show during which the up-and-coming designers showed off their latest fall collections, with hosts intermittently handing out awards to the models, photographers, and makeup artists who had racked up the most votes.

“Subdued” was not the word of choice for most designers. Models strutted the runway clad in an abundance of sequins, bright colors, and contrasting textures for the upcoming season, a sure way to combat the dreariness of the colder months.

Boston legends the Funky Bunch then took to the stage to perform some of their greatest hits such as “Good Vibrations” while guests sipped cocktails and danced along. The evening came to an end with one final show as guests slowly drifted off excited to return next year.