Taylor Swift releases “Midnight” and more

10/23/22 By Isabella Kohn

32-year-old pop star Taylor Swift once again demonstrates her ability to captivate listeners with
incredible songwriting and astonishing musicality in her 10th studio album “Midnights.”
While addressing themes of childhood, love, loss, and fame, Swift sets a tone that in
comparison to her previous albums, “is just a little darker, a little more experimental, and always
electric,” says AP News.
The album is comprised of 13 tracks which Swift has revealed to have been written during “13
sleepless nights.” Through her lyricism, she orients listeners into envisioning the darkness of
night in experimental ways.
Swift’s experimental approaches are most notable at the beginning of her sixth track, “Midnight
Rain,” where Taylor’s voice is made artificially deep, making it nearly unrecognizable and giving
it a mysterious almost thrilling tonality.
She further showcases her artistic versatility and maturity through “sharpened vocals and lyrics
focused more on her inner-life than external persona,” states AP News.
Tracks like “Karma”, “Bejeweled” and “Labyrinth” showcase Swift’s strategic use of electronic
trills. The electric feel that her tracks invoke, along with her beautifully written lyrics, is
enthralling. As usual, Taylor Swift shines and takes listeners on a uniquely relatable journey of
love-infused pain and reflectiveness.