19-year low in Massachusetts test scores attributed to pandemic

10/24/22 by Grace Paradis

The National Assessment of Educational Progress finds that math and reading test scores in Massachusetts are the lowest they have been in 19 years. The report determines that Massachusetts lost its No. 1 rank in the country in both fourth grade math and eighth grade reading.

Scores in Massachusetts have been dropping since 2017, however a more significant drop is spotted from 2019 onward. The group blames this trend on the COVID-19 pandemic. The NAEP mathematics and reading assessments are distributed to fourth and eighth graders annually. According to WCVB, 51 participating states and jurisdictions have seen declines in scores since 2019.

According to NCES Commissioner Peggy G. Carr, the scores highlight the significance of in-school instruction in the fields of both academic progress and personal wellbeing.

“It’s clear we all need to come together — policymakers and community leaders at every level — as partners in helping our educators, children, and families succeed,” Carr shared.