Super Bowl Stadium Food an Elevated Experience


Christine Park

With less than four days to go until Super Bowl LVII, the chefs and culinary team at State Farm Stadium are pulling all the stops to present fans with an elevated game-day menu.

The menu features dishes inspired by Arizona, including a Birria Burger and kielbasa made with locally sourced ingredients. Other dishes include a crispy Korean fried chicken sandwich with kimchi slaw, Navajo fry bread, and loaded dirty fries.

“We definitely wanted to showcase some innovation in our culinary expertise and enhance the menu items for the Super Bowl to make a memorable experience,” said Otis Huemmer, the corporate executive chef for Craft Culinary Concepts. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, outdoor kitchens will be set up on the Great Lawn in preparation for the 15,000 people that the chefs expect to feed before the game, and an additional 55,000 people during the actual game. 

“If you have a Super Bowl ticket and you’re not going to any other parties, we have a tremendous amount of activities set up on the Great Lawn. We’ve got two 80 [feet] by 20 [feet] tents featuring these menu items as well as many beverage options.” 

If there are any leftovers, the food will be donated to local charities.