Tom Brady shuts down the Brady vs. Belichick rivalry

2/7/22 by Nick Antonakas

After making news last week with his retirement announcement, Tom Brady made headlines once again with comments about his former coach Bill Belichick. 

On the most recent episode of the “Let’s Go!” podcast, Brady was asked about the infamous “Brady vs. Belichick” debate. Brady didn’t hold back, calling the argument a “stupid conversation.”

“In my view, people were always trying to pull us apart,” Brady explained. After spending 20 years with Coach Belichick in New England, Brady suggested that journalists were getting tired of writing the same story of the Pats success. As a result, they turned to attempting to divide the iconic quarterback-coach duo.

Brady continued to clear the air between himself and Belichick, saying, “we never were trying to pull each other apart. We actually were always trying to go in the same direction.”

Brady and Belichick won all six of the Patriots’ Super Bowls together, over a 20 year span with the question of ‘who deserved more credit’ always swirling. The debate heated up once Brady left New England in 2020 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who he led to their first Super Bowl in his first season with the franchise. Brady’s displeasure of the conversation attempted to draw fans towards recognizing the great combination of Brady and Belichick rather than selecting who’s superior. 

Questions still loom as to if Brady will return to the franchise he spent 20 years with and officially retire a Patriot. Pats owner Robert Kraft stated that “we will do everything in our power to bring [Tom] back and have him sign off as a Patriot,” but it’s still unclear if Brady will accept this proposal.