Toughness on and off the field: Isaiah Pacheco


By Cam Manning 

This year’s Super Bowl features amazing headlines, but everyone loves the underdog when it comes to sports. They also love the feel-good stories that come with being a fan. Isiah Pacheco was drafted in the 7th round of the 2022 NFL Draft by the Kansas Chiefs and has worked his way up to be the starting running back for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The road for Pacheco was challenging, though. Growing up wasn’t easy for Pacheco as his youth was forever scarred by the loss of his brother and sister to murder in less than a two-year span while he attended high school in South Jersey. But Pacheco didn’t let those tragedies stop him from pursuing his NFL dream. 

Pacheco stated that “Through the adversity that I have been through, there always are highs and lows, and it’s just a matter of how you handle it; I’ve overcome so much, but I didn’t allow it to affect me and put so much pressure on me.”

Still, Pacheco worked hard, made it to the NFL, and cemented his name in Chiefs’ history. Pacheco rushed for 95 yards in his playoff debut against the Jaguars, setting the record for most rushing yards in a playoff debut in Chiefs history. 

Pacheco is known for his toughness and gritty running style. He invites contact wherever he sees fit and can use his explosive next-level speed to make the defenses pay. 

Pacheco is just one of many players on the Chiefs roster competing for their first Lombardi trophy, but his story of strength and grit already makes him a winner.